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Savage Level is a French game development studio committed to the concepts of community and inclusiveness where everyone is welcome on board. We develop AA games with the intention of immersing players in rich universes, while offering deep but accessible gameplay while paying particular attention to an art direction rooted in traditional arts. Savage Level games are designed for both PC and console platforms.


Savage Level was created by two brothers, Aurélien and Maxime Josse, on the basis of real-life experiences and is operated according to the "best practices" applied within the video game industry with the goal of performance linking humanity and passion.


Aurélien Josse

Chief creative officer

Maxime Josse

Chief executive officer

“We belong to a generation that grew up with video games and are very attached to the culture that developed around this art. Making a team and a studio live from this passion, represents in our eyes the greatest reward that this Studio can bring us.” (A&M Josse)

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